Saturday, August 11, 2012

Denim, Denim, and Denim

Again, sorry to not have posted in awhile. Wish I had more pictures and things to intrigue you with but until then, here is a short post about (yes, you guessed it) DENIM. With fall fast approaching, you've got to be thinking about what your wardrobe will be. I recommend buying 1) colored denim. It's been popular for awhile now and you can trade in your bright pinks and corals for deep reds and emeralds. 
Next look for a pair of cool 2) patterned jeans. Snakeskin is so cool, as well as cheetah print (in a gray it's not as overwhelming). Striped jeans are a favorite :)
And lastly but certainly not least, 3) metallic denim is a must. A sleek silver or cool copper pair will replace your plain dark skinnies. With soft knit sweaters they are a perfect look for fall.
Stay stylish
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