Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Floral Finds

My latest find: a floral blazer from BP. I found it while shopping with a friend the other day and now it's got me thinking all about chic blazers and how to wear them. I love the outfit (second picture) with the neon peplum skirt, it's so on-trend. There's also the popular floral on floral and I happen to have a pair of white shorts with blue flowers (2nd picture in my Shorts! post) that will go perfectly. See my set made previously for floral on floral:
I also love the idea of a white and black striped blazer for a graphic element to add to a plain black maxi dress. So chic. And of course I had to make it come to life (as much as I could), so I made a set last night:
Lastly, I had to throw in a picture I took of my friend, Shana, in the neon pink 5 inch heels I found in the store (I forced her into them for this pic, not her style but so cute on her).
Stay stylish

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