Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Haul (part of it)

1) The perfect ombre shorts (Urban Outfitters)
2) Close up
3) Awesome leggings (Urban Outfitters)
4) Close up (lightning and city lights, so cool)
5) Daydream LA t-shirt in rose (Urban Outfitters)
*I love their t-shirts, I have this same one in red
6) Tie dye/Bleached jeans, so comfortable and cute (Forever 21)
7) Close up
8) Gray tee with studded back (Forever 21) That is the back, it's a perfect t-shirt for everyday with a little edge to set it apart
9) My favorite new blue blag (Urban Outfitters), the new Teen Vogue, Floral Sunnies (Forever 21), the best Burt's Bees with pomegranate oil, and the best shoes by Levity; they truly go with everything and are officially this season's go-to shoe
10) Spiked silver hoop earrings (Urban Outfitters)
I'm planning on making a post with more outfits instead of individual clothes, so check back in a few days. Until then :)
Stay stylish,

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